Wauri Trekker

Mars Pioneer and member of the Assamir


Biomorph age: 24
Actual Age: >73
Biomorph type:
Immortal Sleeve – DO NOT RESUSITATE Young woman, Ginger hair, very little scaring thanks to the tech of the biomorph. Body worth the price of two or more planets combined


Wauri Trekker was one of the pioneers of the Mars recolonisation program 40 years ago after the X-war devastated most of the previous inhabitants. Using her Assamir church collections, she was able to secure funding ahead of her rival Jerry Daniels, and was promoted to High Bishop within the church

Not much is known about her life before the church however

Hey I just looked into this person for you sweetie. Turns out there’s quite a bit about Wauri trekker remains a secret – for one thing that girl you saw on stage had her body, but no one would have noticed, because Wauri trekker’s Mesh Persona is usually male. I don’t know why she preferred it that way, but I’m not one to judge. I doubt she went by the name of Wauri Trekker as a man though.

Oh, another thing – she only started using the Arlen Rode’s bar a few months ago. Strange that an Assamir member would be using the mesh after all the restrictions they put on their Codex to stop them from being resuscitated, but hey, that’s what you get I guess.

If I find out more, I’ll let you know. Talk to you later sweetie. Also tell Trucky he’s not allowed in my Sims anymore.

Wauri Trekker

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