Ghost in the Mesh

Murder she reuploaded
A centre of pleasure. A drive turns deadly. More questions than answers

The party starts to head off towards the PleasureDome, with the intent of meeting Arlen Rode later only to be acosted by a flesh jacker that parades as a skull, along with his energy sucking millipedes. He seemed to be asking about Jerry Daniels and left sort of dis-satisfied to leave the Crew to their fate.

The crew survived the onslaught, and headed into the PleasureDome, intending to see what they would find out both from the chat room and from scouting around. Quick thinking from the crew got two of them into the system to Trekker’s chatroom, and Basque upstairs with the owner of the PleasureDome – Arlen Rode.

Inside Trekker’s chatroom waited a typical 1930s blues scene – bar, singer, and seductively dressed Violet, who told them that she was an her own secret mission – to find a killer called Harbinger. It was at this point that the image of Wauri Trekker appeared on the stage, and began to sing.

Meanwhile, outside and in Arlen Rode’s private room, Basque somehow got him to talk – Arlen Rode was scared of something coming after him. Something that wanted an item that both Pathfinder & the Proprietor had wanted. On his way to show him, however, a sniper shot barely missed his head, and the two golem guards that stood by the door came and crushed his throat.

The PleasureDome was attacked by the flesh-jacking millipedes at this time, bringing everyone back from the Mesh. The crew quickly stole the logs of the last few people that logged into that room, and scramed.

Forms of Carbon
A job for those without hope. A murder laden with despair. A bar with all the answers

The Crew are given a new mission by a Proxy they have worked with a few times before – Pathfinder. The mission – Investigate the death of Wauri Trekker, a famous mars pioneer and high bishop of the Assamir church.

Upon arriving a mere hour after the body is discovered, and being put in their sleeves, they are met by Jose Rezal head of M-Sec, and are shown the crime scene.

After some investigation, they discover a few things:

  • Death occured between 4pm and 5pm.
  • The victim was plugged into the Mesh by a fancy Mesh chair where she was logged into a chatroom at a place called the PleasureDome, unregistered in the mesh system.
  • When the victim died, they attempted to crawl towards a holographic painting on the wall. The painting had been replaced by a picture of a young boy, that said “So this is where you were hiding it”
  • Behind the painting was a safe, and a picture of Trekker, the young boy in the picture, and four other people standing in an idealic garden.
  • That there was no footage of the murder on the CCTV cameras in the area

They decided to speak to her personal bodyguard Bruce Rookson who was in a bar on another floor. From just his words, they deduced that he was lying to them, and started a mini bar fight that brought The Proprietor onto the scene. A quick negotiation later, the proprietor and the crew got together with Bruce Rookson to speak to him about what happened

Turns out that Bruce also works as a Flesh-carrier in his spare time, and had been offered a substantial amount of money by an old collegue called Arlen Rode to take a job between 3 and 5, and when he got back, Trekker was already dead. He was also responsible for the removal of the CCTV footage

Upon hearing this, the Proprietor discovered that the Crew were working for Pathfinder, and promptly sent them away in a huff. They decided to go to the pleasuredome, and on their way find Arlen themselves.


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